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You also need to track invoices and payments in order to handle potential client disputes, issue refunds, and understand how to budget effectively for the next year. Digital records make it easier than ever to store, manage, and analyze your records. A chartered accountant (CA) designation is a credential granted to accounting professionals in countries around the world outside of the United States.


Is being a bookkeeper stressful?

Of course, certifications aren’t the only measure of a knowledgeable bookkeeper, but clients and employers often see them as validation of the bookkeeper’s ability to competently do the job. Therefore, it is safe to say two years is an acceptable amount of time to become a bookkeeper.

Paired up with an experienced bookkeeper, new employees will observe work policies and learn how to perform the necessary operations associated with bookkeeping. Each employer will have different policies or methods for conducting work, so it is important that bookkeepers learn how the work is performed. Accountants in Practice study for one of the main four UK Chartered Accountancy Institutes. Note that some tasks can be performed by both the bookkeeper and the accountant. Your accountant can help you figure out how much to pay quarterly, or you can pay an amount based on what you’ve made in that quarter.

A business credit card will likely be the first form of financing you’ll qualify for, and it can be a great financial tool to help you with cash flow or necessary expenses early on in your business. One of the tools that you will use quite a bit is a document sharing program. There are a number of benefits to being certified, but my favorite is the listing on the Find-A-ProAdvisor site.

Like most fields, accounting and normal balance suffered contraction during The Great Recession. They have recovered nicely, however, with economists forecasting job growth of 13% through 2022 for the broader field of accounting, which includes bookkeeping. Bookkeepers often get paid hourly wages rather than annual salaries.

It is a perfect package for new business organizations who are struggling to make it. This is a cleverly named Bookkeeping software that is great for keeping track of your records. Its cost starts at just under $13 per month, and if you take advantage of the global economy and marketing products, then, Kashoo is definitely an excellent option for your business. It’s impactful reporting functions, endless settings, automatic bank transaction import, and personalization options make it an ultimate choice for small business bookkeeping. Using this software, you can also level-up to higher tiers as your business grows, for additional monthly subscription costs.

Hence, you can easily scale this software in accordance with your business growth. This list is designed to be particularly helpful to people who have lots of invoices to send, and multiple customers to deal with. It is effortless to monitor your sales figures, your overdue payments, and even new clients with these accounting systems. April 2019 update.In April, we continued to test pricing models and gauge small business interest for the service with QBO in-product promotions.

The membership fee starts at $39 for one year and includes a subscription to a monthly newsletter, free accounting, payroll and QuickBooks help on a member answer line and other benefits. You should be a member of at least one (or more) professional bookkeeper associations.

Don’t be lax about tax

If you underpay, or pay late, you’ll get a fine – but more than that, you’ll have to put aside even more per month because you’ll be playing catch up, and that’s going to wreak havoc on your cash flow. If you expect to have net profit normal balance of more than a few thousand dollars a year, you’ll need to pay quarterly federal income taxes. A good rule of thumb is to pay 30% of your net income (revenue, minus expenses, but not excluding your own pay or taxes paid).

Without proper insurance protection, a legitimate lawsuit could cripple or close down your business due to the amount of money you’d have to pay out to both your client and lawyers to defend yourself. Azlomakes opening a business account easy with their free, online business checking account. It’s great for those businesses that primarily receive payments via check, ACH, or wire. One of the most important things that you can do is to separate your business finances from your personal finances.

There are millions of small businesses that use this website to locate a QuickBooks Pro in their area who they can hire to help them with QuickBooks. For more information on the right insurance coverage, check out our article on Bookkeeper, Accountant, and CPA Insurance. As a bookkeeper, you may need to get certain liability protection in case you make a mistake on your client’s books. This insurance can help protect you in the event you get sued for that mistake.

Your accountant can tell you if this is a good number for you, as it depends on a lot of factors like your income level, incorporation type, and household makeup. That time you used the business credit card on Amazon to buy some shoes, because it defaulted there after you bought some office supplies? For the every so busy small business owner, finding the time and energy to properly maintain your books can be a taxing and arduous task. In fact, a TD Bank survey which polled over 500 U.S. small business owners, discovered that bookkeeping is their most hated, with the next most hated task falling a whopping 24% behind. Needless to say, you are not alone if you don’t enjoy categorizing transactions.

QuickBooks Online

  • For additional costs, it also provides payment processing services and payroll services, which ultimately makes it a one-stop solution for all business requirements.
  • You can sign up for a free account with Upwork, which posts millions of jobs in the U.S. and abroad for freelance bookkeepers and other professions.
  • If you want to be able to correctly count your money and still maintain your main focus on the business, then, this is the right software for you.


And no task (even if simple) is “easy” when you not only don’t like doing it, but hate it. Given a lot of free time, many (not all) business owners are more than capable of doing their own bookkeeping. But business owners often wear multiple hats and need to perform a list of high level tasks for their business to run properly. Request a free, online demo of Smart Service to discover how you can supercharge your business.

We also brought more small businesses into the pilot, who continue to be helped by the small group of ProAdvisors working with them in our Boise, ID office. The first step in ensuring those billable hours is to take on more clients. While this may at first require extra work to find those additional clients it will dramatically reduce the impact of losing a client which in turn actually makes the bookkeeping profession a more stable one.

Which Version of QuickBooks Should I Use for my Field Service Business?

As we mentioned previously, the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers and the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers are the top two associations for bookkeepers. You can deduct repairs and maintenance to the area used for business, and a portion of utilities, real estate taxes and insurance on your home. Check out our Home bookkeeping Office Tax Deduction guide for more details. A business credit card can also be a great way to easily track your business expenses. This will go a long way to making tax time a breeze, because you won’t have to go through the arduous task of going through your statements and separating out your business expenses to report on your tax return.


With the Smart Service mobile app, your employees can track their time for each client. Because SmartService integrates with QuickBooks, this time tracking info transfers to QuickBooks to make it easy to accurately populate hourly pay stubs for your employees. Plus, QuickBooks allows you to accept online payment for invoices.

What can a bookkeeper not do?

When you have a passion for numbers and details, and the ability to focus, bookkeeping can be a fun career to go into. Part of your job is to prioritize certain tasks over others and to avoid multi-tasking. That’s right—no multi-tasking. You need to be able to focus on one financial situation and not get distracted.

Bookkeeper Certifications You’ve Earned

Similarly when asked whether automated bank feeds and rule-based reconciliation would in some cases eliminate the need for a bookkeeper, the CEO stated “Definitely not. The use of the bookkeeper will last forever because people have to have a basic understanding of accounting to perform retained earnings that function.” See the full interview here. Your business is subject to audits from a variety of entities, especially the IRS. Who gathers all the records and financial data needed to satisfy auditors? Who has to drop everything to find a document that an auditor needs immediately?

If you are a CPA, then you have already demonstrated that you possess the knowledge and skills to perform the duties required of a bookkeeper, and you can proceed to the second step. After being hired, employers often provide an extensive job training process with new bookkeepers.

While most people think they should wait until the business starts to generate cash flow, I would disagree with that. It’s much easier to establish a business checking account now, before the cash starts to roll in. Take a look at our How to Become a Certified Bookkeeper guide for all of the details on the requirements, cost and certification exams. One of the fastest ways to gain credibility with potential clients is to prove that you have the credentials to do bookkeeping work.

With more and more people choosing to handle the majority of their payments online, this represents a convenient and forward-thinking option for your clients. As a small business owner, you can’t collect money unless you know how to create and send invoices. Forget about using hand-written invoices; it’s too easy to lose those sheets of paper and nearly impossible to index them by more than one parameter.

Cons of Freelance Bookkeeper Hourly Rates Billing

On the other hand, when you create digital invoices with QuickBooks, you can look them up by date, service type, customer name, and any other data. Whether you operate a sole proprietorship or a large company, keeping tidy financial records makes it much easier to file your taxes each spring.

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